Aerial Sports Skydiving in Portsmouth

A tandem skydiving experience is the safest and least stressful form of Skydiving for the first timer. You are secured to a highly qualified tandem instructor who will control the freefall, deploy the parachute and bring you into land.

Tandem parachuting is a great introduction to freefall skydiving by using a dual harness system. One will be securely attached to an experienced Tandem instructor before take-off; your instructor will be in full control at all times. Prior to your skydive, you will have received a safety briefing and your instructor will make you feel at ease so you can relax and enjoy the thrill of the skydive. Weather permitting you will fly between 10,000 – 15,000 feet, depending on location then exit the aircraft to have the experience of a lifetime!

If you're new to skydiving or someone wanting to go professional, then the experienced, BPA approved instructors will guide and supervise you during your safe and thrilling skydive experience. The skydiving centres can offer a variety of skydiving experiences near Portsmouth which are suitable for all skill levels and needs of our customers. The most popular skydive option is the tandem skydive where the BPA instructor is strapped to you throughout the flight and who will control the parachute and path of the freefall.


So if you have never done a parachute jump before and are looking to tandem skydive near Portsmouth, GoSkydive is the closest specialist centre. The view from the skydive in Portsmouth to Portsmouth is visible on clear days. The outline of Portsmouth Harbour can be seen along with Portsea Island and Hayling Island. In between Portsmouth and the jump location are Southampton Water and the New Forest.

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